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Technical Department
Stability model for a 28 fishing vessel
Stability model for a 28 fishing vessel
Over the years, ENP has developed a short, yet highly skilled technical staff, with the ability to accomplish all required task within the shipbuilding and ship design production cycle. ENP Technical Department Staff is composed by 4 Naval Architects and 1 Mechanical Engineer. Between these elements all the major Naval Architecture and Production Design areas are mastered, from which the more relevant are:- Translation of Owner Requirements into Concept Arrangements- Structural Engineering- Classification Society Structural Requirements check- Stability Analysis - both Intact and Damage conditions - Performance prediction - CNC nesting and cutting preparation based on the structural model - Mould design and construction, using numerical methods - 3D modelling of all production parts, from hull structure to outfitting mountings, including piping - Detailed console concept and 3D modelling - Cost estimating
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