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Multipurpose Cargo Vessels
Last year, 2011, represented for ENP one of the biggest challenges in their history.
Starting in 2010, ENP embraced a series of new contracts in which were included two 57m Landing Crafts for Containers/Cargo and 12 Passengers and also one 30m Small Landing Craft for Containers/Cargo and 80 Passengers.
This contract also included 2 Passenger Ferries in GRP, a 24m Ferry to Lake Niassa for 100 PAX and 2 pick-up trucks (2 x 2500Kg) and a 20m Ferry to Cahora Bassa for 60 PAX and 2 pick-up trucks (2 x 2500Kg).
Along with these new constructions, ENP were “forced” to invest in their future, with major financial effort to face these chalanging constructions.
Hence, ENP increased their capability by building a new “Dry Dock”, for ships up to 80m long and also bought new equipments to reduce their dependence on sub-contractors and other service suppliers, representing total investment of 5M€.
ENP is now more prepared to face new challenges, both in Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Service.
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