With a strong interest in modernization and on the use of eco and innovative production technologies, materials and methods.
Incorporating technology & innovation into shipbuilding activities, enabled us to consolidated technical knowledge over a period of time and diversified the product offering.

ENP has participated in several 7FP projects has industrial end-user, namely:

Eco-Refitec - Eco innovative refitting technologies and processes for shipbuilding industry promoted by European Repair Shipyards

The Small or medium-scale focused research Project ECO-REFITEC "Eco innovative refitting technologies and processes for shipbuilding industry promoted by European Repair Shipyards" aims to improve the competitiveness of the European shipyards and SME's involved in shipbuilding, ship repair & recycling.
The project will help repair shipyards and ship operator to perform a refitting of existing fleet, through of technological development and new tools, helping shipping benchmark their performance, improving the retrofit processes and products, and assessing environmental and life cycle cost impact

Mosaic - Materials Onboard: Steel Advancements and Integrated Composites

The proposal aims to investigate two novel ideas concerning ship structures. It is envisaged to replace Grade A or AH steels by HSLA steels with high toughness properties in specific areas of the ship structure, thereby reducing the risk of cracks developing in stress concentration areas. ENP developed all the specimens in GRP using vacuum for lab test.

FOUL-X-SPEL - Environmentally Friendly Antifouling Technology to Optimize the Energy Efficiency of Ships

ENP Role in the project 
It is a shipyard with activities in areas of shipbuilding and ship repairing that currently works in dry docking for hull cleaning and coating application. It will be involved in the design of panels ENP will be involved in the design and construction of panel for antifouling application to be tested in laboratory and in field (sea), in treatment of surfaces for paint application, detection analysis of coating failures, elaboration of best procedures for coating, dissemination of project results in the frame of construction and repair shipyards, as the most important Portuguese private shipyard.

SENSE & REACT - The context-aware and user-centric information distribution system for manufacturing

In a typical production facility, tasks are assigned to different user roles ranging from operator to equipment engineer, process engineer, quality engineer, production planner, shift manager up to the production line manager. To support all those different roles ICT systems need to fulfil dissimilar requirements.

In order to overcome these difficulties, Sense&React combines a factory wide network of sensors with personal mobile devices of the users, equipped with state of the art Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, and intelligent manufacturing information management in real-time.